Norma (Rognes), 1933, & George Barville,1930 {Batavia, Il] {m1954}

Norma Lou, the 7th child, third daughter was born to Alfred and Jenette (Bye) Rognes on July 10, 1933 in Worth County Iowa, near Joice, Iowa. She spent her growing up years on the farm and attended rural Larson School. Four year of high school were spent at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in Fergus Falls, MN. In 1951 she entered a three year nursing program at Lutheran Deaconess Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. She worked as an Registered Nurse in several different areas at various times.

In 1954 she married George Barville of Minneapolis and three girls and one boy were born to them and eventually seven grandchildren. They lived in Minneapolis several times; New York, Hannibal Missouri, Tokyo Japan, Glen Ellyn Illinois. All places where George pursued a flying career. After retiring from American Airlines in 1987 they moved to South Carolina for two years and then to Sawyer, Michigan and are now living near their children in Batavia, IL.

Sewing, reading, cooking baking and traveling with her family have been favorite hobbies of Norma Lou.

Norma (Rognes), 1933, & George Barville,1930 {Batavia, Il] {m1954}

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