Rogness Family Tree

In this section, you will find the family tree.  Each indent represents parents and children, information is provided according to most recent updates.

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Tjerad Rogness, father of Ole T. Rogness, sounds like (Rog E Ness) Vats, Norway, Farm Area.  Ole T. Rogness was born March 9, 1866, death November 28, 1943, burial, Lime Creek Cemetery, on State Line Road west of Emmons, MI, one mile.   Ole T. Rogness, or in Norway, Olav T. Rogness.  He made his home in Norway until 1887 when he and his wife, the Josehine Bjelland came to America.  They settled on a farm near Thor, Iowa for 28 years.  In 1915 they bought a farm near emmons, MN where they lived until 1923 when Mr. Rogness retired from farming.  Mrs Rogness passed away in 1927 after which Mr Rogness made his home with his children.  He passed away in 1943.