Oswold Rognes, 1922, & Muriel (Petersburg) [Lake Mills, IA]

Oswold Rognes was born in 1922 and grew up on different farms in the Joice Iowa area. In his childhood it was common to go to neighbors and play with neighbor hood kids. A farm he often visits by riding horseback was the Petersburg farm where he played with the Petersburg brothers. He met and got to know their Sister Muriel. Ozzie and Muriel attended country schools in the Joice area. Ozzie and Muriel met again at the Joice High School where they became High School Sweethearts and graduated together in 1940.

Ozzie helped his Father “Alfred” on the family farm until 1942 when He and his brother Jerome rented an 80 acre farm together for one year. Muriel worked as a “nanny” in Mason City and also clerked in a Joice grocery store. The next year Ozzie rented a farm halfway between the Petersburg and Alfred Rogness farm and proposed and persuaded Muriel Petersburg to marry this new found farmer. Ozzie and Muriel were married on February 26, 1943. The farm house was only two years old and proved to be their honeymoon home for one year. The next year they rented Muriel’s Uncle’s farm, “50/50”, southwest of Joice, Iowa where they raised Brown Swiss cattle. They farmed there for three years. Their sons Mike and Dennis were born while living on this farm.

In 1947 they moved further east to another farm where they rented, “crop share”, for three years. Their daughter Linda was born there in 1948.

In 1949 they decided to Buy a farm instead of renting. The farm they bought was east of Emmons, MN IA. They lived on this farm for six years. Daughter Becky was born in 1953 while they were living on this farm.

Wanting to live closer to parents and family they sold this farm and bought a farm west of Lake Mills, Iowa in 1956. They raised beef cattle and crops, such as corn, soybeans and oats. They remember may busy and hard days, feeding cattle, hauling manure, baling hay -“ufda” Muriel would say “that took a lot of root beer!!” While on this farm their son Todd arrived in 1963. On a couple of occasions the Rogness Family Reunion was held on Ozzie and Muriel’s farm west of Lake Mills. This included all of the Uncles and Aunts and cousins. These were fun times.

Ozzie and Muriel’s children all graduated from Lake Mills High School and they consist of farmers, real estate, and insurance salesmen, C. P. A.’s, Am pilot, Iowa State Administrator, teachers and homemakers and they are very proud of each of them.

Ozzi decided to retire at age 55 and built a new home at Rick Lake Country Club at Rice Lake south of Lake Mills, Iowa. They moved into their new retirement home in December 1977. Their lives stay busy with five children, spouses, ten grand children and one Great Grand Daughter, Lindsey Anne, born June 2000.

Ozzi and Muriel enjoy golfing and retirement and now spend their winters in Harlingen, TX. They are enjoying the best of two worlds.

Oswold Rognes, 1922, & Muriel (Petersburg) [Lake Mills, IA]

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