Andrew Rogness, 1892-1927, & Serena (Anderson), 1896-1988

Andrew Rogness was born on March 4, 1892, the 4th of 13 children in Humbolt Co. Iowa. His parents were Ole T Rogness and Josephine (Bjelland) Rogness. He lived in Iowa until the spring of 1911 when he moved with his parents to a farm six miles west of Emmons, MN.

He registered for the draft for WWI on June 5, 1917. He was inducted into the US Army on July 23, 1918 at Forest City, Iowa and was sent to camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa. In August of 1918 he was at Camp Pike, Arkansas and on Sept 8, 1918 he left for overseas and arrived in France on Sept 21, 1918. He was a private assigned to the Medical Corps, the 119 Field Ambulance Company. He was to carry no guns and was to tend the wounded. On Jan 30,1919 he was discharged from Camp Grant, Illinois.

Andrew rented a farm from Betsy Anderson, she lived alone as her daughter was away at school. She died on June 18, 1920, so Serena and some of the family came home. It was then that she met Andrew. They were married June 16, 1921. Two children, Burnette Jane Rogness and Virgil Oman Rogness were born to them. Burnette was born July 27, 1922 and Virgil on May 9, 1925. When Andrew became ill with Tuberculosis as a result of the war he went to the Veterans Hospital in Minneapolis. Later they moved into the house where his Parents lived. A sister Olga and husband Andrew Davidson had an apartment there also. Olga was taking care of her Mother who had Cancer and also helped care for Andrew.

Andrew died on July 17,1927 at the age of 35; His Mother died the next day on July 18, 1927 at the age of 64. Their funeral services were held together and they were buried in one grave at Lime Creek Cemetery, Freeborn County Minnesota west of Emmons, Minnesota.

In October of that year Serena and the two children went to Washington state to live with her bachelor brother (Bennie) Alex Anderson, on the home farm. Some of Her brothers had come to Washington and bought a farm at Silvana, WA. They farmed together many years until Virgil and Burnette graduated from High School. When she left the farm she worked for Boeing Aircraft in Seattle a short time and then to the Government Production and Marketing Division in Everett and than the Everett Community College book store and finally the Teachers Credit Union in Everett. She lived in her house in Pinehurst apart of Everett until she went to Bethany Apartments and then to Bethany Nursing Home, Jan 1977. She moved to Arlington Convalescent Center in March of 1985. Serena passed away on Nov 9, 1988 at the age of 92. She is buried at The Little White Church on the Hill in Silvana, WA. It was then known as Zion Lutheran Church where she was Confirmed and I also and also my son Jeff. The Church is on the Washington State Historical Record. She is buried in the family plot with her father and three sisters and three brothers.

Andrew Rogness, 1892-1927, & Serena (Anderson), 1896-1988

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