Burnett J. (Rogness), 1922 & Ivor Ronning

Burnette Rogness graduated from Arlington High School, Arlington, WA in 1941 and married was married to Ivor Ronning on September 1,1941. They moved to Seattle where Ivor worked for Standard Stations Inc, and Burnette worked for the Army Corps of Engineers in Seattle, WA. Ivor attended Central Washington College of Education in Ellensburg, WA. This is where he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served overseas in Hawaii. He returned from the Service and worked at Walton Lumber Co in Everett WA as an accountant; than Everett Lumber Co; Scott Paper and now at Canyon Lumber Co. Burnette worked at Production & Marketing Division also after moving to Everett.

Their Children are Jeffrey Brian, born December 4, 1947 and Kristi Diane, Aug 28, 1949. Jeff has two sons; Aaron Mathew, 27 and Lucas Thor, age 5. Jeff has had a Chiropractic Clinic in Honolulu many years but now lives in Ceaur d’Alene, Idaho and works there. Kristi has a daughter Miki Ala’ Serena. Kristi lives in Honolulu and works at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts. Daughter Miki Ala’ is attending New York University after graduating from Northwestern University at Evanston, IL.  Jeff’s Son, Aaron is married to Michelle and they have our three Great Grandchildren, Zack, 9; Annissa, 3; and Emmice, 8 months. They live here at Arlington, WA. also. Aaron works at Canyon Lumber CO.

We, Burnette and Ivor live at Arlington, WA on an acre of land on the same road for 50 years. We have built three other homes here. We Celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 1, 1991.

July 2002..   Ivor N Ronning, passed away July 17, 2002 at his home after a brief illness.  Extremely friendly and outgoing,  it has been said that Ivor “never met a stranger”. He was talkative and a great kidder, putting people at ease,  and he enjoyed sharing his opinions and enthusiasm for life.  He was a well-known and respected figure in our community, giving freely of himself, showing flexibility and tolerance in all manner of situations.

Burnett J. (Rogness), 1922 & Ivor Ronning

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