Delos Rogness, 1920-1993, & Eileen N (Watson), 1919-2004

Delos S Rogness was born and raised in Iowa. As a young man he entered the US Navy Medical Corps and served during the WWII. Delos returned home on April 1, 1945. Delos and Eileen Watson were married on April 15, 1945. They had been sweethearts since Eileens’ second year of teaching. They were married at the First Baptist Church in Eagle Grove, Iowa.

After the wedding, they moved to Waukegan, Illinois, where Delos was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. After a few months the war ended and they moved to Ames, Iowa, where Delos started his studies in poultry science at Iowa State University. After Delos graduated they lived in West Branch, Clarion, and then moved to Wesley, Iowa in 1952 where Delos was assistant manager of the hatchery. In 1957 they moved to Esterville where Delos was employed at Golden Sun Feeds and retired in 1984.

It was obvious the Delos and Eileen loved each other deeply and enjoyed each other’s companionship. They were able to spend a lot of time together after Delos retired. They enjoyed traveling, working together in the yard and garden, and spending time with family and friends. On February 12, 1993 Delos passed away at the age of 73. Delos and Eileen had been married for 47 years.

Eileen passed away January 31, 2004 at the age of 84. Jim, Tim, David & Cathy have fond memories of coming home from school to the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking . Eileen was a wonderful cook and baker. “We will never forget her wonderful roast beef dinners, her butterhorn rolls, Blarney Stones, Devil’s Food Float (a heavenly desert), her wonderful pies, her watermelon and beet pickles, and her strawberry, peach, and ground cherry jams.”

Delos & Eileens relationship with God was very important to them. Mom and Dad ate breakfast and prayed together early each weekday morning before Dad went to work. After Dad left, Mom had her devotion and prayer time. She was a very fervent and faithful prayer.

Delos and Eileen really enjoyed their Church family at Union (Grandview) Baptist Church.

Eileen became a Christian when she was 10, after hearing a stirring sermon about God’s love. She often expressed her very deep concern that everyone realize that in order to become a Christian, they need to, in prayer, repent of their sin and personally invite God to come into their heart and life to reign. She so wanted people to realize that taking this step and continuing on in such a relationship with God is essential for entrance into Heaven. She wanted everyone to experience the contentment, wisdom, and peace that comes from a personal friendship with God and His Son.

Delos and Eileen had three sons; Jim, Tim, and David and one daughter Cathy. Jim is an industrial engineer and lives in Sturgeon Bay, WI with his wife Sandy and three children. Cathy is a homemaker and lives in Milford, IA, with her husband Gary and three children. Tim manages an auto dealership in the Twin Cities and lives in Pine Springs, MN with his wife Su and three children.

Entered Jan 2005.

Delos Rogness, 1920-1993, & Eileen N (Watson), 1919-2004

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