Richard Rogness, 1927, & Agnes (Lomeland) 1929, M 1951 [Fergus Falls, MN]

Funeral Service for Richard Rogness was held on Tuesday February 14, 2006 at Bethel Lutheran Church, Fergus Falls, MN.

Richard & Agnes Rogness retired to Fergus Falls, MN in June of 1995. After a few years of good retirement Richard was diagnosed with Alzhiemers disease. He was in a retirement home in Fergus Falls, MN. Agnes lives in the home they purchased upon retirement and enjoys the community, Church and family relationships. Date 2005

I (Richard Burns Rogness) was born December 26, 1927, to Henry and Luella Rogness on a farm west of Emmons, MN. We lived on the Anderson farm, and later moved to the Brua farm. When I was about three years old, we moved from the Brua farm to the state of Iowa. We lived about five miles west and south of Joice, IA on a small farm.

I began first grade at the Field School. We walked to school in good and bad weather. I have told my children many stories of how tough I had it back in the “good old days”. I had to walk many miles in the wind, rain and snow just to get to school! A few years later we moved to another farm near Joice, IA. I was perhaps in sixth grade by this time, and attended Kittelson School. I graduated from the Kittelson School after eighth grade and went on to Joice High School.

Living on a farm meant that each of my brothers and I learned to do chores and work in the fields. Our chores included feeding the chickens, pigs, horses and cows, and milking the cows. It was great to begin with, but got old after awhile. It wasn’t fun when the cow’s tail came and slapped you in the face, especially if the tail was dirty. Chores seemed to take a long time, and we did them each morning and evening. Our work in the fields included plowing the soil, planting the crops, and harvesting the crops. Dad bought a threshing machine, and eventually a combine to help get the crops harvested faster.

When I was in my junior year of high school, Dad found a 1933 Chevrolet at an auction sale. To my delight, Dad placed the winning bid for the car and I became the proud owner for $101. My next car was a Ford Coupe. It was a good car and took me to North Dakota for summer work. I worked six weeks harvesting wheat and barley. On my way home from this summer job, I collided with a herd of cattle right in the middle of the road. That was the end of that car! I made a deal with a car salesman to buy a Kaiser. He gave me a little for my smashed Ford, and I ended up with a brand-new 1949, horizon blue Kaiser.

I was supposed to go back for my senior year of high school, but decided to quit and began farming an 80-acre farm that Dad and I worked together. In addition to farming I did some painting and work for neighbors in the area. When winter came I worked in Mason City, IA at the packing plant.

That winter was a pivotal time in my life as I heard a guest speaker preach at our church in Lake Mills, IA. Pastor Olof Olson preached the message of salvation and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. This decision to live for Christ changed my attitude about others areas of my life. I decided to finish high school and did so through the American School of Correspondence in Chicago, IL. In the summer of 1949 I completed the senior high school requirements and received a certificate of completion. Now I was ready to go on to college.

I enrolled at the Lutheran Bible School in Fergus Falls, MN. The first year I studied the Bible and related subjects. The second year was my first year of seminary. While in seminary, I learned much about the Lord. I also met and gained many new friends. The best friend that Jesus led me to was Agnes Lomeland. Agnes attended high school at the Lutheran Brethren Schools. We knew that God had brought us together. We spent time together traveling for the school, singing and speaking about Jesus. This is where my new Kaiser came in handy. Four of us could sit abreast in the front and back seats. It had a large trunk, which gave a lot of room for string band instruments and luggage. It was nice to have a vehicle to use for the Lord in His ministry.

On June 15, 1951, Agnes and I were married at the LB (Lutheran Brethren) Church in Ottawa, IL. Shortly after we were married, we moved to Mason City, IA. Here, I spent two years at NIACC College in Mason City, graduating in 1953. Our oldest son, Matthew, was born during our time in Mason City. After finishing college, we moved back to Fergus Falls, MN where I again attended seminary. During that time we lived in the Hillcrest dorm, where I worked as dean of men. Our second child, Marcheta, was born during this time. I graduated from seminary in June of 1955.

After graduating from seminary, we were called by the LB church in Superior, WI. We served two churches there, one in Superior and one in Duluth, MN. It was while living in Superior that our second son Joel was born. We left Superior, WI in 1958 moving to serve Bethel LB in Faribault, MN. We were in Faribault from 1958 to 1963. Our third son Orlin was born here. We enjoyed living right next to the church, with the school just across the street from us. It was perfect for a young family. We had a large garden out in the back yard where we planted potatoes, carrots, rhubarb, peas, green beans, and onions.

In 1963, we were called to Immanuel LB in Pasadena, CA. I took the train out to meet the congregation, and it was exciting to see the western states. We made the move to California and lived in a beautiful home next to the church. Our youngest son Daniel was born in this sunny state in 1964. There were a lot of beautiful places and events that we enjoyed while living there. We took friends and relatives to Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Sea World, and the attractions of Forest Lawn. We especially loved Forest Lawn, where paintings displayed the crucifixion of Christ and The Last Supper. It was a blessing to be able to view these wonderful scenes and hear the stories about what our Lord did, dying to save us from our sins. We also lived a few blocks from where the Rose Bowl parade was held, and were able to enjoy seeing that parade in person.

In 1965 we moved back to the Midwest. We served the congregation at Faith LB Church in Thief River Falls, MN from 1965 until 1967. I remember the kids needing to wear winter coats early that fall, after being used to the warm weather in California. We had one of our biggest blizzards shortly after moving there. Our youngest child, Jewel, was born in Thief River Falls. I had to go out and buy pink cards to convince the other children that we had another girl in the family!

After serving in Thief River Falls, we felt called by the Lord to serve the congregation at Rock of Ages in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada. This was another big step for our family, leaving the United States and being so far away from our families. God had a plan for us, and our job was to follow Him wherever He would lead. We were in Saskatoon from 1967 to 1973, and the church built us a home next to the church. We enjoyed our time in Canada, and it gave us a new and different appreciation for the work there. During this time, our son Matthew went to the LB Bible College in Fergus Falls MN, where he met and married his wife Judy.

In 1973 we accepted a call to serve the congregation in Rochester, MN. We were privileged to help in building a new church. The boys, especially Orlin, were very instrumental in the construction of this church. Rochester was a busy city, with many people coming in and out on visits to the Mayo Clinic. Our daughter, Marcheta married Steven Dalene in the newly constructed church in 1975.

Once again, we felt the Lord’s call in our lives. We moved in 1977 to the LB Fellowship Church in Williston, ND. We stayed in Williston until 1984. Joel and Orlin met their future wives Charlene and Naomi during this time, and both couples were married in 1980.

In 1984 we left Williston and moved to Grand Rapids, MN, where we served Salem LB Church. We were in Grand Rapids from 1984 to 1991. During this time, our son Daniel met and married his wife Sue.

We then moved to Blue Earth MN, and served Faith LB Church until 1995. During that time, we started looking for a place where we could retire and enjoy our family. We thought of various places, but mainly concentrated on Fergus Falls, MN. We felt we would be happiest in a small town, where it would be easy to get around. We knew that family would be close by, and that we would have a wonderful church to get involved with. One day we heard of a fire-damaged house and went to look at it. We felt it was ours! With our family helping us, we started renovating the house on St. Charles Ave. In June 1995, we retired and moved into our new home.

I had the privilege in retirement of serving different churches around the Fergus Falls area when there was a need for someone to fill in. Agnes and I have been so blessed to serve the Lord in His ministry for over 40 years. God has also blessed our family richly over all of these years. He gave us six wonderful children, who have given us thirteen special grandchildren.

Matt and Judy live in Fergus Falls, MN where they are involved in World Missions for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. They have two children, Andrea and Jon. Jon is living in Fergus Falls as he decides on future plans. Jon’s daughter, Hannah, died at fourteen months in July 2004. Andrea married Jeremy Knick, and they live in Wheaton, MN where Jeremy teaches elementary school. Andrea and Jeremy have two sons, Jaxon and Jonah.

Marcheta and Steve Dalene live in East Hartland, CT where they are involved in the family business, Dalene Flooring. They have three children, Caristy, Richard and Alexi. 

Joel and Charlene live in Inver Grove Heights, MN. Joel is an elementary school teacher and Charlene teaches piano, as well as being involved in music ministry at their church. They have four children, Eva, Derek, Torey and Brittany. Eva is working as a closing assistant at Land Title. Derek is attending college at Inver Hills Community College. Torey is in his sophomore year of high school and Brittany is in 7th grade.

Orlin and Naomi live in Lakeville, MN. Orlin is a construction contractor, and Naomi keeps busy working in the local school district. They have four children, Bryant, Braden, Kavan and Cassandra. Bryant graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in exercise science. Braden is attending Gustavus Adolphus College. Kavan will graduate from high school in June 2005, and Cassie is currently in 7th grade.

Dan and Sue live in Lino Lakes. Dan is an accountant for the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, and Sue teaches Social Studies/Political Science in the Forest Lake School District.

Jewel lives near Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis, and works as a compensation analyst for Wells Fargo Brokerage Services.

Our family continues to expand with our grandchildren’s marriages, and their children. We praise and thank God for his continued blessings.

Richard Rogness, 1927, & Agnes (Lomeland) 1929, M 1951 [Fergus Falls, MN]

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