Randal Rogness, 1957, & Beth (Crebs) [Salem, OR]

Randy was born in Fargo, ND on March 1, 1957. Rollin & Mary Lou were living in Fargo, ND while Rollin, Randy’s Father was attending Moorhead State University and soon to graduate. In the summer of 1957 the family moved to Fergus Falls< MN where Rollin would continue training at the Lutheran Brethren Seminary. Rollin was Dean of Men at Hillcrest Academy where they occupied an apartment in the Hillcrest Building. In 1962 the family moved to Minot, ND where Randy’s father was called to his first Church at Redeemer’s Lutheran Brethren Church. Randy attended McKinley Elementary School through the 5th grade. Randy enjoyed a terrific childhood in Minot riding his bike, making things out of grocery store wood crates, catching pigeons and enjoyed family vacations to relatives. In 1968 the family moved to Succasunna, NJ and Randy attended school from the 6th through the 9th grades. While living in New Jersey Randy especially enjoyed his adolescent years with friends in Junior High, confirmation with friends and Hillside Lutheran Church youth activities which was his second home. In 1972, the family moved to Tuscarora Inn near Mt. Bethel, PA where his Dad became the center’s first Director. This was a great place to live for Randy and his siblings where the swiming pool, outdoor and indoor fun and games, people, friends occupied his life through the 10th grade.

In the summer of 1973 the family took a call to a new church where Randy’s father would serve as Pastor at Marysville, WA. Since Randy had his drivers license he enjoyed helping the family drive across the country in the move. In the fall of 1973 Randy enrolled at Hillcrest Academy in Fergus Falls, MN as a Junior in High School. After graduating from high shcool in 1975 he returned to Marysville, WA and worked for the Reinell boats Manufacturing Co. It was at this time that Randy bought his first Car, a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner which he still has, and in addition to a fleet of Mopar Muscle Cars that Randy and Beth have rebuilt.

In the summer of 1976 Randy cut the family apron strings as his Dad accepted a call as Home Missions Pastor in Appelton, WI. He moved to Moorhead, MN and enjoyed a couple of great years hanging out with the likes of Ysteboe kids, Chuck and Stev Brue and a bunch of Hillcrest friends. For a couple of years Randy drove semi trucks for his Uncle Gelnn ( which is a whole other story) Meanwile in 1977, the family moved back West to Salem, OR where Rollin served at Salem Lutheran Brethren Church. Back in Moorhead, Fred Ysteboe offered him a job working as a sheet rock taper. This has given Randy a career for the last 25 years. While visiting family at home in Salem at Christmas in 1977 He struck up a good friendship with Beth Krebs, a native Oregonian, and the following March Randy lift Moorhead in -30 degree below zero weather to head for Salem with all his belongings in a trailer to seek his fortune. For four years, Beth and Randy were together off and on and were married on October 29, 1983. Three fine sons came into the family, the first is Casey born February 27, 1987, Jesse born on June 9, 1989 and Torrey followed on February 26, 1994. Randy still works in the dry wall business for a large commercial contractor in Portland, OR a 40 minute commuet. Beth is office manager for her Brother’s rubber stamp business in Salem, Or serving customers all over the world. The three Boys are active in sports which keeps the family on the road, on the courts and on the fields. Solid Rock Community Church is the church were they invest a lot of time and interest. Among Randy’s many interests, restoring Mopar Muscle Cars, consumes a great bit of time and enjoyment for both Randy, Beth and the boys. Somewhat rare models, and vintage vehicles have been found in tucked away storage palaces which Randy seems to “smell” as he acquries them for restoration that must have been like the cars when first driven out of the Chrysler, PLymouth, and Dodge showrooms around the country. God has been good to Randy and his family and he credits God’s love and grace to any successes that he and his family enjoy. This writing is dated November 2003.

Randal Rogness, 1957, & Beth (Crebs) [Salem, OR]

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