Judine Rogness, 1900-1990, & Nina (Flaten), 1900-1963

Judine Rogness was born on a farm near Thor, IA and later moved with the family to a farm west of Emmons, MN.

Judine and Nina Flaten, met and were married in the Emmons area. They met possibly as an Ice Cream social or church function. They remained in the Emmons area on the “Little Place” north of Emmons most of their lives except for a short time on a farm south of Joice, IA and later in Albert Lea, MN.

Five children were born to this family, Norma Jean, Ordean, Ralph, Charles, and Gary. All are living except Norma Jean who died in infancy from Pneumonia. Mother always wanted a girl but did not have one until a Granddaughter arrived.

We have many fond memories of them both although Mother was taken from us at and early age. Mother was such a good cook so we always had much Company and a lot of Good bakery goods, especially on weekends. As I was having Devotions this morning the Bible study reminded me of Dad and His early years on the Railroad. As a youngster I remember him winding up and old Silver Railroad pocket watch and telling us to always to be on time. After Sunday morning Church he would sit in his Rocking chair and sing some of his favorite hymns to us. Also the many Sunday gatherings we had at our house and in Joice and Fort Dodge with our many relatives. The Rogness Reunion was a “must” and we enjoyed them so much.

We are thankful to Mom and Dad for our Christian upbringing and we miss them so much over the years. The time of this writing is February, 2000.

Judine Rogness, 1900-1990, & Nina (Flaten), 1900-1963

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