Rudolph Johnson JR, 1926-1979, & Sara Ann Frazier, M 1965

Rudy Johnson was born in Lansing, MI on August 20, 1926.  He was the oldest Son of Rudolph & Sara (Rogness) Johnson.  His family moved to Minneapolis, MN during his childhood.  Rudy has rheumatic fever when he was  eight years old and during a time of prayer by their local Pastor, his father Rudolph Sr. told the Lord that if Rudy’s life were spared he would go to seminary and give his life to the Lord.  Rudolph Sr. did exactly that.

When Rudy was twelve years old the family moved to San Antonio, TX to take over a mission church to the Mexicans. 
Rudy worked as young child selling papers and when he was old enough often gave most of his earnings to his sisters and brother.  That characterizes his life.  Rudy graduated from the University of Texas and then went to Seminary at Austin Theological Seminary at his father’s urging.   He never felt he had a call from the Lord and was later to make what he said was his real commitment to Christ.  He dropped out of seminary after tow years and went to work at Joske”s of Texas.  He was now married to Gladys Dick.

I, Sara Anne Johnson met Rudy in Atlanta, GA following his divorce.  Tow of our friends felt we would have much in common since we both claimed Christianity.  We married on June 1-, 1965 at the Chapel of North Avenue Presbyterian Church.  A year and three weeks following our wedding we had Emily Anne Johnson.  The greatest joy to both of our lives.  God was giving us a second chance at marriage and parenthood.

In 1966 in our living room, we had a Bible study and a man spoke that touched Rudy greatly.  He committed his life to Christ once and for all that day.  That was his testimony.  From that time on he was the high priest of our home and he gave himself to others and to spreading the gospel  He has a tract ministry and Bible study at Rich’s where he was advertising manager.  He was an officer in the church and always greatly loved by children.  He took all of Emily’s classes on tours of Richs.  They still talk of it to this day. 

Rudy went home truly to be with His Lord on April 14, 1979.  He has talked with me two weeks before he died about where we be buried and other aspects.  I buried him close to our home in Arlington Cemetery.  I go by there as it is at the turn in the road daily, and I never pass that I do not think of how richly God blessed me in giving me a husband like him.  He was truly a man of God.

Rudolph Johnson JR, 1926-1979, & Sara Ann Frazier, M 1965

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