Emily Ann (Johnson) 1966, David E Kellar, M 1988 MA

April 2005

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 1, 1966 to Rudolph and Sara Anne Johnson. I was an only child. I have the great privilege of having three half brothers from my mother’s first marriage. Their names are John, Bill and Jim Hicks. John and Bill are both married with children and live in the Atlanta area. Jim and his wife and son are living in Pennsylvania. I also have two half sisters from my father’s first marriage. Their names are Marcia and Shelley. They both live in Texas with their spouses and children.

When I was born in 1966 I only had one grandparent living. This was my mother’s mother, Emily D. Frazier who lived in Dallas, Texas. Growing up I was close to my half brothers and my grandmother. My mother is an only child and so I had no aunts or uncles on her side. She herself had one uncle who never had any children. Thus my mother’s family was very small. I spent time in the summer visiting my grandmother in Dallas.

My father’s family is really unknown to me. I remember my Aunt Lois visiting with her family when I was young. And I remember my dad’s Aunt Esther paying us visits as well with her husband, Oscar. But beyond that I have never known any of my father’s family except that when I was a teenager I started corresponding with my Great Aunt Esther. She sent me letters and pictures. She filled in the blanks for me. I was saddened by her death but was so elated when her daughter, Pauline Osheim started keeping in touch with me by mail. She has also been so gracious to share pictures with me.

My father was a wonderful man. He was the most incredible father. I have so many fond memories. He took me to his office sometimes on Saturdays. I would sit at the artist’s desks in this tall old chair and he would let me use any art tools I wanted to color and paint endlessly. I still have that old chair. We loved getting ice cream cones together. He gave generously of his time to me. One Wednesday he showed up at school and told me I had an appointment. He surprised me and drove to the airport and we got on an airplane to Disney world in Orlando. Just Dad and me!

My father loved the Lord. He loved my mother. He led a Bible study at the Federal Prison in Atlanta. In 1979 my father died of a heart attack while working in his garden in our backyard. I was twelve years old. Although my world was altered, I knew my father loved me. And I knew he would want me to put my faith in the Lord. My father had shown me Jesus for that I am eternally grateful.

I went on to graduate from high school in 1984. Then on to Salem College in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I graduated from Salem in 1988 with a B.A. in French and in Education. On June 11, 1988 I married David E. Kellar from Duxbury, Massachusetts. We met in college. David graduated from Wake Forest University. We moved to Greenwood, South Carolina in July 1988. Our three children were born in Greenwood. Emma Caroline was born June 19, 1991. Edward Wallace Kellar was born December 17, 1992. And Ross Walden was born June 26, 1995. We moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina in June of 1999. We stayed in N.C. for six years before moving to my husband’s hometown of Duxbury, Ma. in December of 2004.

I have been involved with youth ministry off and on for 19 years through the ministry of Young Life. I am currently in seminary working on my Masters of Divinity. My husband works in Boston. We love living near the water in New England. Duxbury is right next to Plymouth on the South Shore. Our family motto is ‘Give your life away’ and our family verse is in Jeremiah, ‘For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. To prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a future and a hope.’ I am thrilled to have found the Rogness website and look forward to attending the next reunion.

Emily Ann (Johnson) 1966, David E Kellar, M 1988 MA

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